My name is Hendri S. I’m a full time trader from Indonesia,  simple technical analyst and founder of Max Forex Trader. I have been trading the financial markets with using exclusively strategy which helps locate in any market turning points where professional and institutional traders are planning their trades.

Like any other trader, I’ve gone through almost all known stages, using many strategy, intraday and scalping to adding all kind of colorful and lagging indicators to my charts which hardly allowed me to see candlesticks. I started with Forex trading and after have good result, then I learn Stock Option Trading. Trading is about control the risk and the reward, that why after i have trading forex and get good result, my options trading get better. I know all options strategies that make money are actually Directional Strategy. Even ” selling puts” which many say is the best way to generate option profits is directional strategy. A short put and long call are directionally the same position in this way. A short position makes money when the stock goes up and the long call makes money when the stock goes up! But the short put has much more risk than the long call. 

I’ve grown as a forex & stock trader and realized that trading the bigger timeframes is where the big boys place and manage their trades. I’m happy with a 5-10% return per month, in order to obtain that return I just need to trade about 2 hours every 1-2 days, set and forget my trades and walk away. There is nothing else I can do, i won’t move the candlesticks with the power of my mind or by sitting in front of my computer all day long.

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