Our Individual Private Coaching is for Indonesian Citizens Only

Get to learn the strategy directly with the fun and comfort of being at home. With my on site individual private trading, you’ll work one on one with me coach to get a fully customized trading program, so you’ll know exactly what to do every time you look at the charts. Learn a way to trade that fits your personality, goals and lifestyle. Do you travel for work but want to stay consistent in your trading?

What does on site coaching include?

  • Learn to trade from the comfort of your home on a flexible schedule.
  • Full 7 days of personal private coaching.
  • On site private coaching for 1 week, you choose where to spend the week, on your site or on my site.
  • Unlike a group class, you will learn and trade alongside with me following your own custom-designed program so the learning process meets your individual needs.
  • Reach your goals faster with a targeted program and the accountability of a personal coach; then evolve to the next step.
  • Create a lasting change in your trading style. Get direct answers to all your questions. Know exactly what to do every time you look at a chart and get answers to all your questions.
  • Daily exercices and assignments. Test your learning by completing daily exercises and assignments.
  • Analyze the live markets real time. Top down analysis of the markets locating potential trades.
  • Learn Our strategy that works and as stood the test of time.
  • Learn about entries, exits and risk control. We help you master it all. You’ve read about it, we can help you put everything into a coordinated plan.
  • Get free forex Signals for a  year and Unlimited personal support via Email or Whatapp!
What is not included?
  • Flights and transportation (rent a car or taxis)
  • Accommodation and meals. You choose the place you want to stay or the hotel I will stay
Contact me for a free consultation where I’ll get to know you and what you would love the picture of your trading and investments look like. This conversation will include:
  • Your goals, motivations, and what will keep you loving your trading for years to come.
  • Location and dates. We will discuss the location where the on site coaching will take place and dates.
  • All your questions will be answered – I am here to support you.

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